Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Smile Til' Thanksgiving

On Thursday night February 12, 2009 Paul Alexander gave a presentation in the Corey Union. Alexander is the assistant coach of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals and a graduate of Cortland's PE program. This presentation focused on Phys Ed majors that also want to coach and touched on some issues and fun that is along the way. Mr. Alexander, though a professional football coach, made his presentation relevant to anyone who is looking to coach any sports. Alexander touched upon topics such as his own philosophies, philosophies handed down to him, and the advantages coaches with PE degrees have over those that don't. I feel the most important aspect of Alexanders presentation was when he recalled a phrase his mom (a teacher) once told him," Don't Smile Til' Thanksgiving!" Mrs. Alexander was saying the the line between student and teacher must not be crossed. Sometimes it may be easy to let your guard down with kids that you trust and you might kid around with them and say the wrong thing. Students should view you as a teacher not as a friend.

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