Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Dodgeball In Gym Is Like Peanut Butter Without Jelly!

I have been waiting to be able to write or debate about the topic of dodgeball in PE classes for a very long time. Within the past couple of years most schools across the country have banned the game of dodgeball in their PE classes. Granted this is a very heated debate and I do indeed have a very strong opinion of my own. I have been a very good athlete my entire life I have played in so many different sports it would be hard to list. I guess you could say I'm your "A" typical jock or gym class hero. I like to look at myself as a competitor that strives for the best at all times. Some people can take that either way and think that I'm thick headed and just another dumb jock, but that isn't the case at all. I can very easily see the argument people have with not wanting dodgeball in PE classes. There are obvious hazards and risks involved in the game just as there are in any other athletic activity. The whole point of the game may seem barbaric but there truly are some great benefits from the game. The game of dodgeball is extremely exerting and quick speed bursts are crucial. Hand eye coordination is key when knocking the ball away with another ball. I feel the most crucial aspect of the sport is it builds character and both physical and mental toughness.
Our society has taken to this attitude of being "soft" just turning the cheek and not taking resposibility for our actions. Now you may say what does dodgeball have to do with anything I just said, but quite honestly how doesn't it? Our society is in shambles right now because people are afraid of their shadows, maybe dodgeball should be made madatory for classes. This is a sport that builds toughness and teaches people how to handle failure and if you do get hurt you bounce back up and play the next round, just like in life; or how our lives used to be. I'm not focusing on the physical aspect of the sport because to me it is a no brainer that it is physically exerting and requires a ton of movement and agility. Maybe this is why one in every three children in the Uinted States are obese. I'm not being ignorant here I really do see how some people don't want dodgeball for fear of head injury and other possible injuries. A well taught PE class will not have these injuries occur with the watchful eye of a good teacher. I feel in general our society needs to stop worrying about their little Johnny or Mary getting hit with a dodgeball and learn to let their kids grow up and toughen up and get ready for the ups and downs life is going to be thrown their way. You have to get up when you get knocked down in dodgeball, you also have to get up when you get knocked down in life.

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