Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Mary's Lab 2

Today we all observed 5 year old Casey, 6 year old Shamis. Shamis was a very energetic outgoing little guy who seemed to love the attention we were giving him. Shamis did very well with the running and galloping but had a hard time with the hopping. Casey struggled with her running but did well in her hopping and galloping. Both students were actually pretty good at each of the tasks we gave them, even though they are little kids and did get excited sometimes and forget what movements they were doing. For the most part they listened very well and demonstrated exactly what we needed to see. There are many little strategies that I’m beginning to pick on some of them I like and some of them I’m not a fan of. Having a whistle is a very good signal for attention because all the kids are hyper and very loud so you need something loud to get their attention. I’m not a fan of the whistle however I’m not sure why I just don’t like it. A whistle is very affective but I will never use one the method I will use will being getting down on the kids level. It’s amazing how much better the kids are when you aren’t standing over them as soon as you get down to their level it’s like your some TV star and they want to eat out of the palm of your hand.

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