Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Mary's Lab 3

Today we observed two 6 year old Kindergarteners Rowan and Anthony. We observed their leaping, horizontal jump, and sliding. Rowan and Anthony were very similar in their movements and made similar mistakes and corrections. Though similar in movements Anthony was slightly more developmentally coordinated than Rowan. I scored Anthony higher in all of the movements but not by much. My group worked with the pre-K group for the first time today and it truly was a different experience. I played with some of the kids using the toy dinosaurs and coloring books. I also read children’s picture books to the kids who were a little less wired. While reading it was very hard to keep the kids off of my lap or touching my arms and stuff. Though harmless the kids don’t realize how that can be a very bad thing and could get a teacher in trouble so I tried to get them to do the Criss-cross apple sauce thing but it didn’t work too well. I still feel getting down on their level is by far the most effective understanding way to get the kids attention.

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